Rules v1.2.1

Base Pool

The starting pool of dice used in a Test or Roll is usually defined by a model's attributes, its equipement, or its weapons. For example, a larger gun will generate a larger pool of dice during an attack.

This starting pool of dice is termed the Base Pool. The Base Pool can be modified to change the expected statistical outcome of the roll to model various in-game effects. For example, attacking the flank of an enemy ship is advantageous, so the Base Pool will improve. Conversely, an area of effect attack may be less effective against secondary targets and so the Base Pool will degrade.

Base Modifers

Some effects may directly modify the Base Pool, either adding or subtracting dice to increase or decrease the odds of success, respectively.

Base Modifiers will be shown as follows

  • +Yd6 - Add Y dice to the Base Pool
  • -Yd6 - Remove Y dice from the Base Pool

Base Modifers are the most impactful of the modifer types, as they increase not only the odds of rolling multiple of the same die face, but also the total possible number of matching dice in the set, i.e. you cannot roll a [T] with only a 2d6 Base Pool! Typically Base Modifers represent large bonuses or penalties in combat, so they are the most impactful, increasing not only odds but also the magnitude of the success.

Example: A Base Pool of 3d6 is modified by +1d6. When rolling the Base Pool, you will roll a total of 4 dice.

Flex Dice

Sometimes you will be asked to roll Flex Dice, which are denoted +/-Yd6. If your Base Pool is Xd6, you will roll a total of X+Y dice. Once the dice have been rolled, you must remove Y dice from the rolled dice before calculating the result.

Flex Dice are less impactful than Base Modifiers, as the total number of dice in the result is the same. Your odds of rolling matching die faces is higher, but you cannot exceed a maximum result with X matching dice in the set. Flex Dice represent marginal advantages in combat, increasing odds but not the magnitude of the success.

Example: Dave's Pathfinder Squadron is attacking a capital ship target in the flank with Beam Projectors. The Anti-Capital rating of the Pathfinder's Beam Projectors is 2, which means Dave's Base Pool is 2d6. However, since the Pathfinder's are attacking the captial ship's vulnerable flank, they are granted +/-1d6 Flex Dice. To resolve this Attack Roll, Dave rolls 3d6, getting 4, 4, 6.

Dave must now remove a die from the rolled dice, so he chooses the 6, leaving him with a [D4] result! He could have removed a 4, but that would have resulted in a [N], which is decidedly worse than a [D4] result. Good job, Dave!