Rules v1.2.1

Macro Dice

Jovian Wars is a game of spaceships firing giant weapons at one another. To represent the magnitude of these guns, we make use of the Macro Dice mechanic. The impact and force of these massive cannons or missiles just hit harder, they don't necessarily more often.

We model the increased impact with a separate pool of dice, termed the Macro Pool. The number of dice in the Macro Pool is typically defined by the "Macro" trait of a weapon, so a weapon with Macro: 2 would generate a Macro Pool of 2d6. You may want to have two different colors of d6's to allow you to simulaneously roll the Base and Macro Pools simultaneously, removing the Flex Dice from the Base Pool as normal.

The Macro Pool may not generate a success in a result, but may increase the degree of the result. For example, let's say the Base Pool was 3d6, and the Macro Pool was 2d6. The Base Pool rolled 4, 4, 6, resulting in a [D4]. The Macro Pool rolled 4, 6. Since the double 4's of the base pool was a success, i.e. a matching set, you may increase the [D4] to a [T4] with the Macro die that rolled a 4. However, even though you rolled two 6's overall, the 6 rolled in the Base Pool was not a success, so you may not increase its degree.

Multiple degree improvements are possible. For example, if the Base Pool rolled a 4, 4, 6, and the Macro Pool rolled 4, 4, this would take the overall roll to a [Q4]!

There are effects that negatively affect the Macro Pool, such as various types of armor. In this case, you subtract the armor rating from the macro pool. This results in 3 possible outcomes:

  • Positive Macro Pool - Follow the steps outlined above.
  • Zero Macro Pool - Roll the Base Pool alone.
  • Negative Macro Pool - Roll the Base Pool, then downgrade Base Pool successes based on the Macro Pool roll.

For example, let's assume we have a Base Pool of 3d6 and a Negative Macro Pool of -2d6. The Base Pool rolls 4, 4, 6 and the Macro Pool rolls 4, 6. In this case, the [D4] result would be downgraded to an [N]! This is unfortunately slightly non-symmetric to the Postive Macro mechanic, but does provide another option in the design space to apply a penalty to a roll besides just removing die from the base pool.