Rules v1.2.1


Capital Ships may purchase Modules and Upgrades from the Capital Ship Upgrades list, and Generic Upgrades list as well as Weapon upgrades.

  • Some modules include additional hard points for more upgrades.
  • Any hard point may be equipped with a weapon upgrades.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all capital ship models have the Hardpoints:X trait where X is the starting structure rating of the model.
  • Hard points may be left unused at no cost.
  • All upgrades require one hard point unless noted otherwise.
  • Any number of hardpoints may have non-weapon upgrades, note that some non-weapon upgrades require more than 1 hard point.

Squadron models may purchase up to two upgrades from the Squadrons list (See 10.1c), and Squadrons and Capital Ships upgrade list.

  • Each squadron model may purchase up to one weapon upgrade from the Weapon upgrade list.

Limited Modules/Upgrades: Modules and Upgrades that are listed with 0-X are Limited.

A Limited upgrade or Module can only be included in the fleet X times per 500 points or part thereof, i.e. 600 point Fleet can have two 0-1 upgrades in the fleet.


Only Capital Ship models can have Modules.

  • A model with the Stock:X trait may only purchase X additional modules as upgrades.
  • A model with one or more Modules may remove modules at a cost of 2 points per module removed.
  • A module may only be removed if it is replaced with another module.
  • A model with no modules and the Stock trait with a rating of zero may not be upgraded with modules.
  • A Capital Ship model may have up to X modules where X is half the Structure Rating of the model.
Name Requirement Cost Description
Ring Module (small) Structure: 2-4 1/Structure This model gains one Ring module trait and gives the model the Hard Points:12 trait.
Ring Module (large) Structure: 5+ 1/Structure This model gains one Ring module trait and gives the model the Hard Points:16 trait.
Cargo Module - 4 Gives a Parts trait. Gives a Repair:1 trait, or adds +1 to the rating of an already existing repair trait.
0-1 Fuel Module - 4 Gives 4 Fuel Pod traits and the Tender trait.
Comms Module - 4 Gives the Comms Trait
Docking Module - 2 Adds 4 Hard points

Generic Upgrades

These upgrades may be purchased by Squadrons or Capital Ships.

Name Squadron Cost Captial Ship Cost Hardpoints Description
0-2 Energy Armor Upgrades 3 1/structure 0 Gain the Energy Armor Trait (cannot be used with Reactive Armor)
0-2 Reactive Armor Upgrades 3 2/structure 0 Gain the Reactive Armor Trait (cannot be used with Energy Armor)
0-2 ECM Pod 2 2 1 Gains ECM:1 Trait
0-2 ECCM Pod 2 2 1 Gains the ECCM:1 Trait
Fuel Pods 2 2 1 Gains a Fuel Pod Trait, may be purchased multiple times.
0-1 Grapplers 3 3 0 Gains the Grapplers trait

Squadron Upgrades

Name Cost Description
Ace Pilots 4 This model gains the Ace trait to two of its non-missile weapons and increases its skill rating by 1. Only one model of each Class may purchase the Ace trait as an upgrade. A model with the Ace upgrade may purchase one additional upgrade.
0-2 Reliable 5 Gains the Rugged Trait
0-2 Sharpshooter 3 This model may add the Sniper Trait to one Mass Driver weapon
0-2 Drone Bay 3 This model gains the Drones Trait
Drop Fuel Tanks 4 This model gains +1 Fuel for one activation. This upgrade may be refreshed instead of Reparing damage.

Capital Ship Upgrades

Name Cost Hard Points Description
Parts 2 2 Gain the Parts trait or adds 1 to an existing trait. May be purchased multiple times.
Squadron Hanger 4 2 Gain the Hanger: 1 trait or add 1 to an existing Trait. May be purchased multiple times.
0-2 Mine Layers 5 4 Gains the Minelayer Trait
0-2 Barrier 2/structure 1/structure Requires Beam Projector, Kinetic Cannon, or the Drones Trait. Gains the Barrier Trait
0-3 Drones 4 2 Add the Drones Trait.
0-2 Redundant Defense 3 4 This model upgrades one Defense damage point to be redundant. May not be taken multiple times.
0-2 Redundant Sensors 3 2 This model upgrades one Sensor damage point to be redundant. May not be taken multiple times.
0-2 Redundant Thrusters 3 4 This model upgrades one Thrusters damage point to be redundant. May not be taken multiple times.

Weapon Upgrades

  • Weapon(s) have the T arc if mounted on a Ring hard point and the F arc otherwise.
  • A weapon with a F arc can gain the T arc instead for +1 point or the Rr arc for -1 point.
  • Weapons mounted on a capital ship are automatically upgraded to have the Macro:1 trait.
  • An Exo-Armor or Fighter model may only purchase a maximum of one Weapon upgrade up to 3 points, not including the cost of firepower upgrades.
  • A Capital ship model may only purchase upgrades that cost equal or less than the Structure rating of the model.

Example: An Alexander Destroyer has Structure: 3. It has three hard points. It may purchase up to three firepower upgrades to fill those hard points, no upgrade may cost more than 3 points.

Weapon AC AS Cost
Beam Projector 1 2 1
Beam Projector 2 3 3
Beam Projector 3 4 6
Kinetic Cannon 2 2 1
Kinetic Cannon 3 3 3
Kinetic Cannon 4 4 5
Mass Driver 2 2 1
Mass Driver (Macro +1) 3 2 4
Mass Driver (Macro +2) 3 2 6
Missiles: AC 2 0 1
Missiles: AC 3 1 3
Missiles: AC 4 2 6
Missiles: AS 0 2 1
Missiles: AS 1 3 3
Missiles: AS 2 4 5
Particle Cannon 2 3 1
Particle Cannon 3 3 4
Particle Cannon 4 3 6

Firepower Upgrades

Name Cost Effect
0-2 Swarm 1/AS This model may change one missile weapon from AC or AS to Swarm missiles. The missile weapon is now an AC:1/AS:X+2 weapon where X is the current weapon’s AS rating. This upgrade may not be combined with the Nukes upgrade.
0-2 Nukes 2/AC This model may change one missiles:AC weapon to a Missiles:Nuke weapon. The missile weapon is now an AC:X/AS:X weapon where X is the current weapon’s AC rating. This upgrade may only be chosen once per model. A Missiles:Nuke weapon may not be linked with other weapons.
Big Gun 2 Add the Macro:1 Trait to a weapon or increase the existing Macro Rating by 1. This upgrade amay be taken up to three times per weapon.
Link 3 Up to four weapons that share an arc that have the same AC/AS rating may gain the Link trait.