Rules v1.2.1


Here's a lightning quick overview of Jovian Wars gameplay. You can dive further into each section as necessary. This section is written with brevity in mind, the rules sections that follow take precedence if there are any inconsitencies.

Game Components

  • Fleet - Your Fleet is the forces you bring to table to fight, and is made up of Models.
  • Models - These are the physical things you bought, glued together, and eventually will paint. There are a few main types of models:
    • Squadrons - Light, small spacecraft with small crews. Engines to go fast and guns to blow stuff up. You'll see both traditional Fighter craft as well as Exo-Armor suits which are humanoid exo-skeletons, i.e. mecha!
    • Capital Ships - Anything bigger than a Squadron.

You'll also need Data Cards, which have all the relevant information you'll need for your Models.


Jovian Wars is an alternating activation, pre-measure, d6-based, spaceship game.

Turns are made up three phases:

  • Deployment Phase - Each turn Players have an opportunity to deploy Models that have not deployed yet.
  • Activation Phase - Players alternate activating Models.
  • End Phase - Check for victory and state clean up.

The Deployment and End phases are pretty straightforward, so we'll spend a little extra time on the Activation Phase.

At the start of a Model's activation, you must first declare your intent to use a Special Action. During the activation, a Model may:

  • Move - Change position/facing
  • Declare and Resolve an Attack - Expend Fire Control rating to fire its weapons at legal targets.
  • Resolve Special Action - Do something special, like Boost for extra movement, resolve a special type of attack like a Bombing Run, etc.

You may Attack as many times as your Fire Control rating allows, but you may only declare one Special Action an activation.

Attacks and Special Actions may be resolved before, after, or while interrupting a Move.