Rules v1.2.1

Boarding Action

  • Only Exo-Armors and Capital Ships with a Marines trait rating greater than 1 may perform a boarding party special action.
  • A Boarding Action does not require Fire Control.
  • An Exo-Armor may board any Capital Ship model that it can move into base to base contact with.
  • Capital Ships may perform a boarding action as a special action with a range of 1”. The marines use short range shuttles, EVA packs, or Exo-Suits to transport themselves to the target ship.

Marine Boarding Action

  1. An active model with Marines: 1+ rating or trait declares a Boarding Action on an enemy Capital Ship within 1".
  2. Active player commits X marines to the Boarding Action, where X cannot exceed the current Marines rating or trait.
  3. Defending player makes a Point Defense Attack against the committed marines.
    • A result of [D+] drives off the incoming Marines and the Boarding Action fails.
    • Reduce X by 1 for each [D] result and by 2 for each [T] result. A [Q+] result reduces X to 0.
    • Any surviving committed marines are returned to the parent model, adjusting the Marines rating/trait as necessary. You may not reduce the Marine rating/trait more than X, the committed number of marines.
  4. The defending player may roll the boarded Capital Ship's Marine rating in an attempt to fight the incoming Marines. A [D+] result reduces the number of committed marines, X, by 1.
  5. The surviving committed Marines make an Normal Attack roll on the boarded ship with the surviving Marine count as the Base Pool size.
    • Escalate all results.
    • A [D+] result reduces the defending ship's Marine rating by 1.
  6. Check for ship Capture and return boarding Marines to their parent ship as appropriate.

Capturing a Ship

If the target ship is reduced to zero Structure as part of a Boarding Action, or has zero Structure at the end of a Boarding Action, it may be Captured. If the target ship is not reduced to zero structure then the remaining marines return to their ship

To capture a ship, the player who initiated the Boarding Action may leave at least one surviving Marine on the ship, returning any number of extra Marines to their parent ship as desired.

A captured ship must roll on the Catastrophic Damage Table as normal, but is considered to be controlled by the boarding player! The Marines rating of the Captured Ship is set to the number of Marines chosen to remain aboard.

This is an inherently dangerous prospect, as at any time the ship may explode!

Exo-Armor Boarding Action

  1. An active Exo-Armor squadron moves into base contact with an enemy Capital Ship, having declared a Boarding Action.
  2. Defending player makes a Point Defense Attack against the Exo-Armor Squadron. A result of [D+] has the following effects:
    • The Exo-Armor is driven off and the Boarding Action fails.
    • Place the Exo-Armor 1" away from the target Capital Ship.
    • The Exo-Armor may not make further moves and it is reduced to Fire Control: 1 (or 0 if it had already depleted its Fire Control rating).
    • Apply damage to the Exo-Armor Squadron from the Point Defense Attack as if it were normal Anti-Squadron Damage.
  3. The Exo-Armor Squadron may make a round of Normal Attacks against the boarded Capital Ship with the following changes:
    • The boarding model may roll to attack the boarded ship with all the weapons it has, using up all their Fire Control rating. These attacks count as AC attacks but may be made with the weapons AC or AS rating and gain +1 flex dice in addition to any other modifiers.
    • The boarded Capital Ship may not use Point Defense to defend against Missile Attacks from this Squadron.
    • The Value of all Attack results may be chosen by the controlling the boarding Squadron.

In addition to following the above procedure, there are a number of other effects of an Exo-Armor Boarding Action:

  • Exo-Armor Models that successfully board a Capital Ship are placed in base to base contact with the target Capital Ship.
  • When a Capital Ship with base to base enemy Exo-Armor models is moved the owner of the Exo-Armor model may choose to place it in base contact with the capital ship at the end of the movement or remain where it was as a free action.
  • When activating a model currently boarding, a player must declare if they are going to use the Boarding Action Special Action again. This does provide an opportunity for a Squadron to declare Interception and initiatve a Dogfight! If the model remains, resolve another Boarding Action as above, starting at step 2.
  • An Exo-Armor that is engaged in a dogfight by an enemy model automatically ends its boarding action and should be moved 1” away from the Capital Ship it boarded.
  • Exo Models that have boarded an enemy ship may be targeted by weapons without the macro trait or Engage Point Defense special action attacks. If the attack misses [N] then roll the same attack dice to hit the boarded Capital Ship applying any modifiers.