Rules v1.2.1


After a Squadron is intercepted, the two involved Squadrons engage in a Dogfight. The intercepting Squadron is placed within 1" of the intercepted Squadron and the Dogfight commences.

  • Participating Squadrons will alternate choosing actions from the Dogfight Action Table, beginning with the activating (intercepted) Squadron.
  • A model may chose actions from the table until it is out of fuel.
  • A model that survives a Dogfight without a Break Off may make either one free Move in any direction or a Return to Base move.
  • A Squadron model that is Crippled has Fire Control 1 unless it has the
    Rugged trait.
  • A model that Boosts before engaging in a Dogfight only has Fire Control:1 in the first round. In subsequent rounds, its Fire Control is calculated normally.

Dogfight Action Table

A requirement of X+ means that the Model must currently have at least a rating of X in the required rating. For example, a requirement of Fuel: 2+ means that a Squadron must currently have at least two fuel.

Certain Actions require a Skill Test to be used. If more than one rating can be used for Skill Test, the player declaring the action may choose the rating.

Action Requirements Skill Test Fuel Cost Effect
Engage Fire Control: 1+ - 1 A model may attack with weapons equal to its fire control rating. Any weapon may be used to attack except for weapons with the Nuke, or Bomb traits. A target model may not roll point defense against missile attacks in a dogfight.
Break Off - Skill/Fuel 1 If the roll succeeds with [D+] the dogfight ends and the model that is breaking off may immediately make one move up to their speed in any direction. Models with the Fast trait add a flex dice (+/-1D6) to the roll. A model that breaks off may not make further attacks this turn.
Stay on Target Active Squadron, Heavy Trait - 0 The intercepted model may resolve one Point Defense Attack against its adversary.

Example: A Wyvern chooses to initiate a Dogfight with a damaged Pathfinder. It has a Mass Driver (AS:2) and a Beam Projector (AS:2). It can attack with both weapons and get a [N, D] doing one damage. The Pathfinder has a Beam Projector with AS:3 and chooses to attack, and gets a [D] doing one damage. The Wyvern then attacks again getting [D, D] doing two damage destroying the Pathfinder. The dogfight ends and the Wyvern may move once up to its speed or Return to Base.