Rules v1.2.1


Terrain has some tactical effects in Jovian Wars. Terrain cannot destroyed in the time frame of the game. Some terrain can be overlapped by models and do not follow the standard overlapping rules.

Any model may choose to avoid terrain by treating it as an overlapping model which is larger.


Asteroids are indicated by an area template. Any capital ship model moving through an asteroid template will suffer X number of 2D6 AC attack where X is the number of inches moved through the template. Models within an area of Asteroids add +1 to their PD rating for attacks targeting them.

Large Asteroid (2-4" diameter):

Large Asteroids can be used for cover. Any model within 3” of a Large Asteroid gains the Stealth:1 trait or adds +1 to its current Stealth trait. A capital ship model that end its movement overlapping a Large Asteroid will suffer a 6D6 AC attack.


A Comet is treated as a Large Asteroid. Comets have a tail which is treated as an area of Asteroids. In the first round after deployment roll 1D6 for the speed of the comet and randomize a direction and mark it on the comet. Each deployment phase the comet will move the rolled distance in inches in the direction indicated. Models that the comet overlaps with while moving will be affected as if they had overlapped a Large Asteroid and/or Asteroids.

Dust/Ice Clouds

Dust/Ice Clouds are indicated by an area template. Any model moving though it will suffer an AC/AS attack of 2D6 regardless of distance moved through. Models within an area of Dust/Ice Clouds add +1 to their PD rating for attacks targeting them and Beam or Particle attacks that target a model in a Dust/Ice Cloud, or that pass through a Dust/Ice Cloud, suffer -1D6 to the attack roll.

Small Moons

Small moons come in various sizes from 4” to 18”. A moon follows the rules for Large Asteroids except that a moon may be overlapped without causing damage. A model starting a move while overlapping a moon adds +2” to its speed rating. A defending player may deploy models in reserve using a moon as a table edge. All combat is considered to be taking place on one side of a moon.

Planet/Large Moon

A planet or large moon is represented by a table edge. All movement with the planet table edge entirely within the front arc +2” to the speed rating of the moving model or -1” speed if the rear arc is entirely facing the planet.

Any movement where a model is moving parallel to the planet table edge or with its nose more towards the planet table edge than away adds +1” to its speed for that activation. Non-fighter models may not deploy from a planet table edge.

A planet may not be overlapped.


Some planets or moons may have an atmosphere. If so roll 1D3 to determine the depth of the atmosphere. Models within the atmosphere reduce their speed by 1” and suffer an AC/AS attack of 2D6 to represent friction damage each time they make a move within the atmosphere. Models within an atmosphere gain the Stealth:1 trait or add 1 to an already existing Stealth:X trait.

Military Space Stations

A military Space Station is a model and will have a list of attributes and ratings just like any other model. Before a game players must roll 2D6 for each station. This is the Structure rating of the station.

  • The Marines and point defense rating will be half the structure rating.
  • The stations will have sensors:3, speed 0, and Skill:2.
  • It will have Hangers:1+1D3, and fire control 2.
  • The station will have 2x Kinetic Cannons: T: AC:4/AS:3 Ma:1 or 2x Beam Projector: T: AC:3, AS:3 Ma:2 (randomize).


Mine Tokens are 40mm in diameter and represent numerous smaller munitions scattered across local space intended to deny an area to enemy Capital Ships.

Resolve an AC:3 Missile Attack on any enemy capital ship that moves within 3" of the token.

Mine Tokens are considered Squadrons for the purposes of being attacked and have a Structure rating of 2.

Unidentified Objects

Os are of deep curiosity to spacers though most are jokingly creative projects by nomads hoping to fool earth spacers. Treat UIOs as a model that can be boarded for scenarios that include them. Roll 1D6 for the Structure rating of the UIO.