Rules v1.2.2

Jovian Wars

Jovian Wars is a near future tactical space battle game played on a tabletop with miniatures and dice. Each player builds a fleet of models and then commands it in a tactical game by maneuvering around the battlefield, attacking enemy ships, and attempting to defeat their opponent by completing scenario mission objectives to gain victory points.

This rules set is to allow players to play a fast game simulating a space combat game in a future Earth solar system wide conflict. This game includes large capital ships and small space fighters including Exo-Armors (Space Mecha). The game simulates 3D combat on the 2D surface of a table.

Jovian Wars should be played on a table space 48" x 48". A modest game should require no more than two hours to play including force selection, deployment, resolution and clean up.

Jovian Wars will begin with three major factions: Earth/Moon (CEGA), Venusian, and eponymous Jovians. The Mercury, Mars Democratic, Mars Free Republic, Asteroid Belt Miners/Pirates/Nomads, Saturnians, Kuiper Belters will come at a later date.

PDF Version

It is intended for this website to be the single source of truth for Jovian Wars rules. That said, sometimes it is convenient to have access to a PDF for printing, although there is the downside of the paper cost, especially given that the rules will continue to evolve. There are plans for a typeset rulebook in the future, but the current stable version of the rules will always take precedence.

For those seeking a PDF of the rules, you may find one here:

Rules PDF

Please note that the PDF is auto-generated and not manually typeset. The web version of the rules take precedence.


You can reach the rules team over on the Discord. Please include as much information as you can about any rules issues that you have during your games, and any observations that you make that would help players simplify their game play.

Including pictures of your game and fleet lists is appreciated but not required. Constructive, critical, and objective feedback is most welcome.