Rules v1.2.2


An Assault action represents a Squadron of Exo-Armors diving through a hail of point defense fire, landing on the hull of a Capital Ship or Space Station, and firing their weapons point blank!

To resolve an Assault, the Exo Armor must first have moved into base to base with a Capital Ship or Terrain Model. If that requirement is met, you can follow this procedure:

  1. Defending Squadrons may declare an Interception if they are within 3".
  2. The defending player resolves a Point Defense attack against the Assaulting Squadron. If the Result of the Point Defense attack is [T+], the Squadron is driven off and the Squadron ends its activation.
  3. If the Squadron survives and is not driven off, it gains a single Attack Window to spend Fire Control and resolve attacks against the target.
  4. After the attacks have been resolved, the assaulting player may choose to have the Squadron enter either the Assaulting state or the Return to Base state, resolving either as appropriate.

To represent the added damage potential of the close in assault, these attacks receive the following bonuses:

  • A +2 Flex Die Attack Bonus
  • The attacker may use the AS rating of weapons as if they were AC ratings.
  • The Capital Ship under Assault may not defend against Missile attacks fired as part of an Assault.
  • These attacks are considered to have the Precise trait.
  • The attacker may use Lance weapons.
  • Armor Defense Ratings do not apply against Assault attacks.