Rules v1.2.2


Even in the 2200s and the age of intra-solar system commerce, hand-to-hand combat is still relevant. To represent the age old Boarding action, Jovian Wars uses the Marines rating to abstract the relative skill and strength of the various crews of ships that might be involved in combat.

Models with Marines may perform a boarding action as a special action with a range of 1”. The marines use short range shuttles, EVA packs, or Exo-Suits to transport themselves to the target ship.

To resolve a Boarding, the Model loaded with Marines, typically a Capital Ship must first be within 1" of the target Capital Ship or Terrain model. If that requirement is met, you can follow this procedure:

  1. The boarding player declares the amount of Marines rating that they are committing to the Boarding. This amount must not exceed the current Marines rating of the Boarding model.
  2. The defending player resolves a Point Defense attack against the committed Marines as if they were a Squadron with Structure equal to the committed number of Marines.
    • A [D] result removes 1 Marine Rating
    • A [T] result removes 2 Marine Ratings
    • A [Q+] result destroys the Boarding Marines entirely.
  3. The surviving Marines are considered to have boarded the target Model, which now enters the Boarded state. Make note of the number of surviving Marines, now referred to as "Boarders."

Multiple models may board the same ship, in which case all surviving Marines contribute to the total number of "Boarders" on the ship.