Rules v1.2.2

Design Notes

This section is less about rules and more about capturing some notes about designer intent. Hopefully this will increase transparency and provide context for the "why" of certain rules decisions.

Simulation versus Game

Jovian Wars is not intended to serve as a physics simulator. It is first and foremost a competitive wargame inspired by space opera and mecha animation. When possible, aspects of physics inform the mechanics, but the primary focus of these rules is to create a fun and immersive game that can be played in 2 hours competitively.

Space Environment 2D vs 3D

Jovian Wars is played on a 2D surface. The experience of playing in 3D is represented in the rules in many aspects such as models being able to move and shoot past/through each other.


The Scale of the Exo-Armor and Fighter models are 1/1000. Capital Ship models are approximately 1/4000 scale. Note that this is an approximation and is not exact.