Rules v1.2.2


Movement in the Jovian Wars game on the battlefield takes place in two dimensions though players should respect that space is a three dimensional space and there is ample room for models to pass by each other. In other words, space is big. Unless the captain or pilot of a ship intends to crash into another ship, they won't.

Capital Ship Movement

Capital Ships Move by advancing directly forward.

  • Minimum Move Distance: Speed rating minus the current Thrusters rating, unless the ships uses the Station Keep action.
  • Maximum Move Distance: Speed rating plus the ship's current Thrusters rating.
  • During normal movement, Capital Ships cannot end their movement touching the base of another model, either friendly or enemy.

Example: A Venusian Shan-Yu has a Speed of 6 and currently has a Thrusters rating of , so it may move a minimum of 2" and a maximum of 10" during its activation. If the Shan-Yu takes damage and has its Thrusters rating reduced to 2, it must now move at least 4" with a maximum move of 8".

Capital Ships may break up their forward movement with Turns to change the direction of their movement.

  • A turn may be taken at any point during a Capital Ship's movement, unless the ship has the Sluggish trait.
  • Each turn enables the ship to change its direction by up to 45 degrees.
  • Minimum Number of Turns: A capital ship is not obligated to turn.
  • Maximum Number of Turns: A capital ship may only turn a number of times equal to its Turns rating or its current Thrusters rating, whichever is lower.
  • If a Capital Ship has a Thrusters rating of 0, it may not turn unless it first passes a Skill Test with a result of [D+].

Turning Example

Example: A Venusian Shan-Yu has a Turns rating of 1 and a Thrusters rating of 4, so it may turn at any time during its movement up to 45 degrees until it has been reduced to Thrusters 0.

Squadron Movement

  • Exo-Armor and Fighters may Move a distance up to to their Speed rating when they activate.
  • They may trace any path whose length does not exceed their speed, and they do not have any facing, i.e. they can make infinite turns during movement.
  • During normal movement, Exo-Armor and Fighters may not end their movement touching the base of another mode, either friendly or enemy.


In some cases, mandatory movement will result in a model ending its movement with its base occupying the same space as that of another model's. The results of Overlapping depends on the types of models involved. Players may not intentionally cause overlapping except through Actions.

Capital Ship Overlapping

  • The ship with the smaller base size is repositioned.
  • If the ships are the same base size, the move ship is repositioned.
  • Place the repositioned ship so that the back of its base is touching the other ship and it remains in the same orientation.
  • If an active ship would be repositioned because of overlapping it must stop, and use all remaining Fire Control and make all Actions before completing the overlapping movement.

Overlapping Example

Squadron Overlapping

  • If a Squadron model would be overlapped by a Capital Ship, move the squadrons the minimum distance required to break base to base contact with the Capital Ship.
  • Squadrons may not be placed or end a movement in base to base with an enemy model unless they are initiating a Dogfight, Boarding, or Land action.
  • Squadrons may move through and past other Squadrons.