Rules v1.2.3


A Dogfight resolution occurs as part of a successful Active Interception or [Passive Interception]. Regardless of interception type or target, whichever model is currently being activated is termed the "Active" model, and the other model is termed the "Passive" model.

To resolve a Dogfight, follow this procedure:

  1. Participating Squadrons will alternate choosing Dogfight Actions, beginning with the Active Squadron.
  2. A model may chose actions from the table until it is out of fuel.
  3. If the Passive Squadron survives the Dogfight, it may now make a free 4" move in any direction.
  4. Once the Passive Squadron has moved, if the Active Squadron survives it may resume its activation as normal, but without refreshing its fuel.

Example: A Wyvern chooses to initiate a Dogfight with a damaged Pathfinder. It has a Mass Driver (AS:2) and a Beam Projector (AS:2). It can attack with both weapons and get a [N, D] doing one damage. The Pathfinder has a Beam Projector with AS:3 and chooses to attack, and gets a [D] doing one damage. The Wyvern then attacks again getting [D, D] doing two damage destroying the Pathfinder. The dogfight ends with the Wyvern out of Fuel, so the Wyvern stays where it was.

Dogfight Actions

A requirement of X+ means that the Model must currently have at least a rating of X in the required rating. For example, a requirement of Fuel: 2+ means that a Squadron must currently have at least two fuel.

Certain Actions require a Skill Test to be used.


Requirements Skill Test Fuel Cost
Fire Control: 1+ No 1

The model gains an Attack Window to fire any eligible weapons at the other Squadron in the Dogfight. Weapons with the Nuke or Bomb traits may not be used.

Break Off

Requirements Skill Test Fuel Cost
- Yes 1

If the Skill Test result is:

  • [N] you may choose to reduce the Squadron's Fuel to 0 and end the Dogfight.
  • [D+] choose to end the Dogfight at the Squadron's current Fuel rating. If your model is active, it may make a 4" free move before resuming its activation.

Stay on Target

Requirements Skill Test Fuel Cost
Heavy Trait No 0

The model may resolve one Point Defense attack against its adversary.