Rules v1.2.3


A Repair attempt represents jury rigged solutions to battle damage, and the replacement of damaged parts. A single Repair attempt may repair damage on the Capital Ship declaring the Damage Control Special Action as well as any embarked Squadrons.

Ratings may not be increased past their starting values.

Capital Ship Repairing Itself

After performing a Skill Test on the Capital Ship, consult the following outcomes:

  • [N]: Repair one [System Damage] to Defense, Sensors, or Thrusters.
  • [D]: Resolve two [N] results, OR repair one Weapon Damage Critical Effect, OR repair one System Trait Damage
  • [T+]: Resolve two [D] results.

Note that there is no way for a Capital Ship to repair itself out of the Crippled state.

Capital Ship Repairing an Embarked Squadron

If a Capital Ship has the Hangers:X trait, it may embark up to X Squadrons. Embarked Squadrons may be repaired as part of a Damage Control special action.

Roll a Skill Test using the Capital Ship's Skill separately for each embarked Squadron and consult the following outcomes:

  • [N]: Repair 1 Damage
  • [D]: Repair 2 Damage
  • [T]: Repair 3 Damage