Rules v1.2.3


Jovian Wars is designed to be played at three levels:

  • Skirmish - 150 points per fleet
  • Engagement - 250 points per fleet
  • Fleet Battle - 500 points per fleet

Point Restrictions

  • At least 25% of points must be spent on Squadrons.
  • At least 25% of points must be spent on Capital Ships.
  • A maximum of 25% of points may be spent on Upgrades and static defenses.

Unit Cap

Each unit has a Unit Cap (UC) rating, located in the bottom left of its unit card.

The UC rating represents the maximum number of instances of that unit that you may take in your Fleet for every 250 points. For example, CEGA Furies have a UC of 5. At the Skirmish and Engagement fleet levels, you may take a maximum of 5 Furies in your Fleet. At the Fleet Battle level, you may have 10.

Fleet Unit Cards

Unit Cards are available at


Ace Pilot

Requirements Cost
Squadron 5 TV

One non-Drone Squadron Model gains the Ace Trait.

Fuel Pods

Requirements Cost
Squadron 1 TV

One Squadron Model gains the [Fuel Pod] trait. This upgrade may only be chosen once.