Rules v1.2.3

Catch-All Rules

To provide coverage in the event of ambiguous cases in rules, here are some "base cases" to provide guidance.


More specific rules take precedence, e.g. rules in model or weapon traits will override main rules.

Random Selection

In some cases, it may be necessary to randomly select a winner from a list of options. Randomize among the potential choices by rolling a die as appropriate.


All fractions will be rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Example: A ship boosts and must halve its Fire Control rating of 3. It divides the rating to 1.5 then rounds up to 2.

Interruptions and Responses

There are trait and game rules that allow models to interrupt the active models activation to resolve. The most common interruptions are Interception and Point Defense against missiles.

If a special rule requires an interruption or allows a response simply suspend the current activation until the interruption is resolved then continue with the activation.


Jovian Wars is a pre-measure game. You may measure any distance at any time.

Secret Information

Some information during the game is considered secret, and need not be revealed to your opponent until certain conditions are met.

Once revealed, secret information becomes public knowledge for the rest of the game.

By default, all information is secret at the start of the game, including fleet lists. Once a model is placed on the table, its card and current state becomes public information and remains so for the rest of the game.

Note that some traits modify what is public and private information.

Resolving Rules Conflicts

In the event of an ambiguous or unresolvable ruling that cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both players, here is a short procedure to follow:

  1. Randomly select one of the possible rules interpretations so the game may continue.
  2. Document the ambiguity with photos if necessary.
  3. Let the rules staff know on the forums!

We're constantly trying to improve the rules and remove opportunities for ambiguity, but we need to know what players find confusing or unclear!