Rules v1.2.3

Cheat Sheet

Movement Reference

  • Capital Ships move:
    • Minimum of Speed - current Thrusters Rating
    • Maximum of Speed + current Thrusters Rating
  • Squadrons may boost, spending up to 2 Fuel to get their speed in inches worth of additional movement per Fuel spent.

Attack Reference

Bonus Reference

Scenario Bonus Attack Window
Target in Short Range 1 Flex Die Activation
In Target's P/S Arc 1 Flex Die Activation
In Target's Aft Arc 2 Flex Die Activation
Target is Station Keeping 1 Flex Die All
Dogfight 1 Flex Die Dogfight
Bombing 1 Flex Die Bombing

Note that the Arc and Range bonuses only apply during the Activation Attack Window and therefore do not apply during Dogfight and Bombing action resolutions!

Range Reference

Range Anti-Capital (AC) Anti-Squadron (AS)
Short 6" 3"
Long 6" + 3" x Sensors 3" + 3" x Sensors


  • Beam Projector - Re-roll Attacks
  • Drone Bay
    • Launch Drones equal to bay count per use
    • Drones are limited ammo, refreshed by Tender or Landing.
    • Drones function as special Squadrons
  • Kinetic Cannon
    • 1" wide line of attack from attacker to primary target.
    • Everything else touched by line is a secondary target, gets attacked with a -1d6 to Base Pool
  • Lance
    • Usable only in Bombing Runs and Dogfights
    • A model attacking with a Lance may choose to spend a rating of Fuel to modify the Base Pool by +1d6 per fuel expended.
  • Mass Driver - Hits of [D] cause a Critical Hit to Capital Ships
  • Missile
  • Particle Cannon
    • Causes Disrupted state to Squadrons if hit (reduce Fire Control by 1, does not stack).
    • [T+] result on Capital Ship inflicts a system damage of the appropriate result Value, e.g. if you roll a [T1], apply Structure damage, a Critical Hit, and a damage to Defense.
    • [D] result on Capital Ship destroys both boxes of a redundant systems rating, e.g. a [D5] hit on a ship with 1 1 2 2 Thruster damage boxes would mark off both 2's.

Damage Reference


  • [D] - 1 damage
  • [T] - 2 damage
  • [Q+] - Squadron is Destroyed

    Capital Ships:

Result Magnitude Effect
[N] No Effect
[D] 1 Rating Damage
[T] 1 Structure Damage, 1 Critical Hit
[Q+] 2 Structure Damage, 2 Critical Hits
  1. Lowest Magnitude first, i.e. [D] before [T] before [Q+].
  2. If two or more results of the same magnitude are rolled, resolve the lowest Value, i.e. [D1] before [D4].

Critical Hit:

  1. Inflict one Rating Damage, attacker's choice of Defense, Sensors, or Thrusters. A Rating currently at 0 may not be chosen.
  2. Inflict one System Trait Damage, attacker's choice of System Trait.
  3. Inflict Weapon Damage on one weapon, attacker's choice of weapon.
  4. Reduce the Marines rating by one.

If none of the above options can be chosen, inflict an additional Structure Damage and roll on the Catastrophic Damage Table if necessary.

Catastrophic Damage Table:

Roll 1d6 + the number of Systems that have been reduced to 0 rating and consult the appropriate line in the table below:

Roll Result Effect
1-5 No Effect See above
6-7 Dead Destroyed, replace with Wreck
8+ Explode Destroyed, resolve Explosion

Action Reference

States Reference

  • Assaulting - Exo-Armor successfully finished Bombing Run against Capital Ship. When Capital Ship next activates, may either continue Assaulting (and is forced to declare Bombing Run again) or may disengage and get a free 4" move away.
  • Boarded - Hostile Marines aboard. Must resolve Marine fight at start of Capital Ship activation.
  • Captured - Captured by hostile marines, may only Repair(/action/repair) or Withdraw.
  • Crippled - Structure is 0, may only Repair(/action/repair) or Withdraw. Must roll on Catastrophic Damage Table at start of each turn or when a Structure would be lost.
  • Destroyed - Removed from play.
  • Disrupted - Reduce fire control by 1, to a minimum of 1. Does not stack.
  • Embarked - Squadron aboard ship with Hangers or Capital Ship aboard ship with Dock
  • Evading - Gains Evasive trait, or existing trait works at Short range.
  • In Reserve - Off table, not yet deployed.
  • Stealthed - Gains Stealth: 1 or improves Stealth rating by 1.
  • Station Keeping - Set Speed to 0, all ships targeting this ship gain a Flex Die.
  • Withdrawn - Removed from play.