Rules v1.2.3


Traits are keywords that are marked on a model’s attribute line that reference a special rule that apply to that model.

Multiple instances of a trait are cumulative, or stack, their effect(s) unless noted otherwise.

System Trait

Traits may be marked as a System Trait, which means that the trait may be damaged by a critical damage effect. System Traits that are damaged can be repaired with a successful skill roll of [D+].

Model Traits


Models with the Ace trait add +1d6 to their Base Pool for all of their rolls.


Armor Piercing

This weapon ignores the Armor rating of a ship, but does not ignore the Armor from the Reactive Armor trait.

Assault Craft

Ships equipped with Assault Craft may initiate Boardings within 3" instead of within 1".


This model is granted an Attack Window during an enemy Model's activation if the active enemy Squadron model ends a Movement, declares an Attack, or declares a Action within this model's Sensor Range. Interrupt the activating model to resolve an attack.


This model may Engage Point Defense with a 6" range instead of a 3" range.

Friendly models within 6" of this model may use its Defense in lieu of their own when defending against Missiles or Boarding actions.

Multiple Barrier traits do not stack. The owning player may choose which Barrier to resolve.


System Trait

Models taking the Launch action may deploy in the Front arc of a model within 12".


System Trait

A model must pass a Skill Test with a result of [D+] to target a model with a Cloak at Long Sensor Range.

Make one test per target, if the test fails the Fire Control rating may be used to attack another target and the attacking model may not attack the target with other weapons this turn.

Multiple Cloak traits do not stack.


Friendly models in Short Sensor Range of this model may use the Skill rating of this model instead of their own for any Skill Tests that are required except Repair(/action/repair) rolls.


Enables Squadrons to declare the Drone Command and Vector Attack actions.


This model may embark one Capital Ship at deployment. The unit card of the embarked Capital Ship is considered Secret Information until it takes the Launch action, after which it is no longer secret.

A model with the Dock trait may not itself be Embarked during deployment.


Electronic Counter-Counter Measures:X

This model ignores the effects of one ECM trait rating per X rating of ECCM.


Electronic Counter Measures:X

This model removes up to X Flex Dice that would otherwise be granted from various Attack Bonuses to a minimum of 0 Flex Dice.


Electronic Emissions:X

When targeting this model add X to the Sensors rating of the attacking model.

Energy Armor

When attacked with a Beam Projector or Particle Cannon weapon, this model adds 1 to all Armor ratings in all arcs.


This model is considered a Squadron for purposes of determining eligibility for deployment or being held In Reserve with regards to the various
Deployment Types.


Evasive has no effect on Missile attacks and does not function if the targeted model has Thrusters 0 or Fuel 0.

Reduce the Base Pool of an attack on this model at long range to X, where X is the initial Structure rating of this model (X = 2 for Squadrons).

Flex Dice effects are unmodified. Add dice to the Macro Pool equal to the difference between the initial Base Pool and X.

Example: A Ship with 2 Structure rating and the Evasive trait is attacked by a Beam Projector with AC:5. Ordinarily the Base Pool would be 5d6 +/- Flex, but since the attack is at long range, the Base Pool is reduced to 2d6 +/- Flex, as 2 is the target's Structure rating. The difference is 5-2=3, so add 3d6 to the Macro Pool.


This model is not worth victory points for being Crippled or Destroyed.


Models without the Fast trait declaring an Interception or Bombing Run on a this model must make a Skill Test. If the Result is [N], the intercepting or bombing model loses a Fuel. If the result is [D+], the intercepting or bombing model behaves normally.

Fire Ship

This ship can take the Ramming Speed action when it has more than one Structure or Damage rating remaining.

Fleet Tender

Allows use of the Deploy Decoy Drones and Resupply actions within 12".

Fuel Pods

Squadrons with this trait start the game with a "Fuel Pod" token. At the start of their activation, Squadrons possessing a Fuel Pod token may spend it to gain 2 Fuel for the duration of their activation.

This additional fuel does not refresh, and once the Fuel Pod token is spent, it is gone.


Units with Grappler gain +1 to their Skill Rating when resolving an Interception and Dogfight.


System Trait

Squadron Hangers:X

This model may have up to X Squadrons Embarked, including during deployment.

The unit cards of any Squadrons Embarked during deployment are considered Secret Information, although the number of squadrons Embarked is public information. Once a Squadron takes a Launch action, its Unit Card becomes public for the remainder of the game.

If a Hanger is damaged due to a Critical Hit, the Squadron is unaffected and may Launch as normal during its activation, using [Catapults] or Launchers if they are undamaged. Squadrons may not Land if there is insufficient undamaged and unoccupied Hanger capacity.

The number of Squadrons that can be Repair(/action/repair)ed is limited by the number of undamaged Hangers. The choice of repaired Squadrons is left to the controlling player.


This model only rolls 2d6 to Break Off from a Dogfight, regardless of Skill. The Heavy trait also allows the use of the Stay on Target Dogfight action.


This model may expend one fuel when declaring a Reactive Interception to intercept with a range of their Speed value in inches, as opposed to 3".


System Trait

Models taking the Launch action deploy within 6” of this model instead of 1”.

Multiple Launchers traits do not stack.



This model has Marines with a rating of X.


This model may be deployed on the table with its true Model profile as hidden information. Instead, it may be deployed as its civilian version. If at any time the model uses any capabilities beyond what is available on the civilian version, reveal the true profile of this model and all information on this model becomes public.

The Unit Cap is shared between Q-Ships and their civilian counterparts.

Example: The sum of Imperator and Imperator Civilian ships cannot exceed the shared UC of 3. You may have any combination of Imperators and Imperator Civilians, so long as the total does not exceed 3.

Reactive Armor

When attacked with a Mass Driver, Kinetic Cannon, or Missile weapon, this model adds 1 to all Armor ratings in all arcs.


Renowned Ship

This ship adds +1 to its Skill rating. Multiple instances of this trait stack their effects.

If Destroyed this model is worth +20% Victory Points per instance.

If Captured this model is worth +30% Victory Points per instance.


This model improves its Skill rating by X for any Repair(/action/repair) rolls it makes.


This model only makes turns at the end of a move. When a sluggish model uses the Reorient action it makes two turns at the end of its move instead of one.


System Trait

Advanced Sensor Suite

This model may ignore the Stealth trait of one model within Sensor Range and gain Flex Dice to attack Cloaked targets.


[D+] Results with values of [1] or [2] do one less damage.


This model may not move.



Reduce the Sensor rating of any ship targeting this model with an attack by X.


Target Designator

Friendly models making [Missile Attack]s may use this model's Sensor Range. When using the Sensor Range afforded by Target Designators, Missile Attacks are considered to be at Long Range for the purposes of Flex Dice.

Determine the target model's attacked arc from the firing model, not from the model carrying the TD.


Allows use of the Deploy Decoy Drones and Resupply actions within 6".


This model may move a model with the Static trait within 3” as an Action.

A Static model may only be moved a maximum of 3” a round and must be moved towards the model that is moving it.

Weapon Traits


This weapon can attack targets on the surface of a planet from high orbit. This weapon may not be used to attack in a Dogfight.


Cluster Munition Missiles

Attacks with this weapon will Escalate results against Squadrons.

Linked Weapons:

Weapons that share a type, e.g. Kinetic Cannons, and an arc may fire at the same target in a shared arc using only one rating of fire control. Roll each attack separately. This counts as using the weapon.


Nuclear Missile: Nuclear Missile attacks that damage a target escalate [D+] damage one level higher result than rolled. May not be used in a Dogfight


Some weapons or damaging effects are precise enough that they can be targeted towards specific System Ratings or System Traits. For weapons or damaging effects that are Precise:

  • [T+] Results are resolved normally
  • Damage from [D] results may be applied to any System Trait or to Defense, Sensors, or Thrusters as chosen by the attacker.


This weapon does not receive Attack Bonuses for being in Short Range, a Bombing, or Dogfight. Instead, it receives +1 Flex Die for being at Long Range.


This weapon receives +1d6 to its Macro Pool when firing at Short Range.


Swarm Missile attacks Diminish [T+] results.


The short range of this weapon increases by 6".