Rules v1.2.4


A Dogfight resolution occurs as part of a successful Active Interception or Reactive Interception.

To resolve a Dogfight, follow this procedure:

  1. Participating Squadrons declare their intent to use a Missile weapon, if available, active player first, expending fire control as normal.
  2. In secret, participating Squadrons:
    1. Bid an amount of Fuel equal to or less than the fuel they have remaining.
    2. Choose a non-Missile weapon to use in the Dogfight
  3. In secret, sum the total of the chosen weapon's AS rating, the Squadron's Skill rating, and the amount of Fuel that was bid. This forms the Dogfight dice pool.
  4. In secret, each player divides their Dogfight dice pool into an Attack and a Defense pool. Squadrons with Evasive(/traits#evasive) gain a +1 to their Defense pool.
  5. Players simultaneously reveal all their decisions from steps 1-3 above.
  6. In weapon initiative order (see table below), resolve a weapon attack by performing Opposed Rolls of each Squadron's Attack versus Defense dice Applying any additional Attack Modifiers, weapon Macro ratings, effects of Traits(/traits), etc. and expending Fire Control as normal. Squadrons with multiple instances or linked instances of the same weapon may expend Fire Control to fire multiple instances of the weapon if possible.
    1. If a Squadron is destroyed before it can act, it does not get to attack.
    2. All Damage effects apply before the later Squadron resolves its attack.
    3. If Squadrons would act at the same initiative, resolve attacks and apply damage simultaneously.
  7. Resolve the declared Missile attacks from step 1, simultaneously, even if the firing Squadron was destroyed! Instead of rolling Skill in the Opposed Roll, use the defending Squadron's Defense pool from step 4 and Escalate the Missile attack results!
  8. If only one Squadron survives the Dogfight, it may now make a free 4" move in any direction. Otherwise, the Intercepting Squadron moves 1" directly away from the other Squadron. If the currently activated Squadron survives it may resume its activation as normal.

Weapon Initiative

Initiative Weapon
1 Beam Projector
2 Particle Cannon
3 Kinetic Cannon
4 Mass Driver
Simultaneous Lance
Last Missile

Missiles are resolved after all other attacks are resolved. Lances are resolved simultaneously with any other weapon, regardless of initiative. Linked weapons may be fired using the Link(/traits#link) trait or once per instance of weapon, expending Fire Control as normal.