Rules v1.2.1

Bombing Run


A model that is making a Bombing Run attack can make one or more Attack Runs.

  • Each Attack Run requires the expenditure of 1 Fuel.
  • The first Attack Run does not cost a fuel rating if the speed of the attacking model is equal or greater than the target model.
  • The model making the Attack Run must have enough movement to be in base to base contact with the target Capital Ship.

Attack Run

  1. Either the target ship may roll Point Defense to attack the active model, or it may be intercepted by an enemy Squadron model within 3” and a Dogfight initiated.
    • If intercepted the active model must pass a skill check with a [D+] to continue the Bombing Run if it survives the dogfight and has at least 1 fuel remaining. If the Skill check fails [N] then the active model may attack once with Fire Control:1 then must make a Return to Base move. Note that a model that has already intercepted once cannot intercept again in the same activation.
    • If there are no intercepting Squadrons, resolve a Point Defense Attack from the Capital Ship being bombed on the attacking Squadron, using the Squadron Damage rules.
  2. If the Squadron survives, it may make attacks up to the Fire Control rating of the model.
    • These attacks benefit from flank or rear arc modifiers.
    • Point defense may not be used to defend against Missile Attacks from a Bombing Run.
  3. If the Squadron is out of fuel or declines to continue making Attack Runs, it must make a Return to Base move.

Example: A Wraith Bomber (Fuel:2) chooses to initiate a Bombing run against a Thunderbolt. A damaged unit of Pathfinders is able to intercept and the passive player chooses to intercept instead of firing Point Defense. The Wraith destroys the Pathfinder with its first fuel and then passes its Skill roll with a [D] (+1D6 for the Heavy trait). The Wraith has one fuel left and can make two attack runs because the Wraith has a greater speed rating than the Thunderbolt. The Wraith resolves its first attack run and inflicts a [D] effect on the Thunderbolt. The Wraith has one remaining fuel and chooses to make another attack run. The Thunderbolt has no interceptors in range and must roll point defense doing a [D] result to the Wraith. The Wraith may then roll its attack doing [T, D] to the target. As it is now out of fuel, the Wraith must end the bombing run and make a single Return to Base move.